Armen Bijimenian
Software Position: Data Analyst
Phone: +1 408-884-1561

Armen is a data analyst on the Wireless 20|20 software development team and has a background in finance and data analysis. Starting as an intern, he has created dashboards and performed Excel analysis to generate round-by-round maps and dashboards in the Canadian 3500 MHz spectrum auction using Phyton and Plotly tools. Armen analyzes data in Microsoft Excel and creates dashboards for presentation to clients. He supports the Wireless 20/20 auction team with running spectrum auction simulations of the FCC’s 5G spectrum auction, the Canadian spectrum auction, and reverse auctions.

Armen uses the WiROI™ db Tool which combines the latest FCC broadband dataset with an extensive US address database in an easy-to-use software package, giving clients the ability to identify, search, filter, sort, connect locations and extract maps and data for use in grant applications, to help operators select the best places to deploy fiber and wireless broadband networks and to support investors making Broadband Infrastructure investment decisions.

In addition, Armen regularly analyzes household clusters to determine the best areas to build fiber networks. He has contributed to the development of the Wireless 20/20 WiROI™ db Geospatial SaaS Platform, a new portfolio of software tools to help operators and their investors select the best places to deploy fiber and wireless broadband networks. These new tools and consulting services will help clients identify unserved areas, calculate the cost to deploy fiber and wireless broadband, and quickly perform ROI analyses on thousands of clusters and millions of locations using AI and big data analytics.

Armen has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Finance from Suffolk University and is an aspiring Attorney.

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