Dr. John Liebetreu
Position: Principal Consultant
Phone: +1-408-884-1561

Dr. Liebetreu has over 25 years of wireless communications systems engineering experience at a variety of companies including Motorola, Intel Corporation, and Intersil Corporation. He is a recognized expert in wireless communication chip architectures, creating complex system-on-chip solutions for broadband wireless applications, including the first 622 Mbps commercial wireless modem.


John has been active in the IEEE 802.16 standards development community since its inception in 1999, including service as a task group chair, developing the initial IEEE 802.16 PHY specification. Liebetreu's previous experience includes CTO of Sicom Incorporated – a broadband wireless start-up, Senior Scientist at Intersil Corporation, and Chief Technologist in Intel’s broadband wireless division. He holds a BSEE from Michigan Technological University, a MSEE from Arizona State University, and received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla.

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