Ben Hendel
Position: Principal Consultant
Phone: +1-408-884-1561

Ben Hendel is a Geospatial Analyst with experience in urban infrastructure and transportation networks. He has worked with Apple Maps on GIS representation of road features for improving GPS navigation and has advanced knowledge of ArcGIS, QGIS, and Openstreetmap. He has contributed to the UC Davis campus travel survey and leads instructional workshops in open source mapping. Some of his projects have included estimating solar feasibility from satellite imagery detection, writing scripts to generate feature polygons on the regional level, and mapping power lines in Asia to help a client assess climate risk.

Ben brings mapping and geospatial experience to Wireless 20/20 where he applies his knowledge and experience to the wireless industry and helps with the mapping and visualization of mobile cellular infrastructure, including cell towers and fiber links. With 5G deployments focusing on fiber-fed small cells, telecom operators are looking for ways to better visualize fiber and cell tower assets and optimize the deployment economics of mobile networks.

Ben also has technical expertise in statistical inference, machine learning and visualization. He has Bachelor of Science degrees from UC Davis in both Statistics and Environmental Science.

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