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Yota del Peru General Manager, Magnus Johansson, Brings South American and Caribbean Market Expertise in 4G, LTE and WiMAX™

New Windsor, NY – September 19, 2011 – Wireless 20/20, LLC (www.wireless2020.com), a leading broadband wireless advisory group and the developer of the industry-leading WiROI™ 4G Business Case Analysis Tool, announced today that Magnus Johansson has joined Wireless 20/20 as a Principal Consultant. Magnus brings experience and expertise of successfully orchestrating complex 4G network deployments, multimillion-dollar global acquisitions, new start-up operations, and business restructurings with focus on achieving maximum ROI.

HellaPHY shown to reduce TCO significantly--especially for LTE

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--International CTIA Wireless 2011 – Acorn Technologies (www.acorntech.com), an Intellectual Property (IP) development and commercialization company, and Wireless 20/20 LLC (www.wireless2020.com), a leader in broadband wireless consulting and the developer of the industry-leading WiROI™ Business Case Analysis Tool, today announced that the benefits of the Acorn’s HellaPHY™ IP core solution have been analyzed with Wireless 20/20’s WiROI™ 4.0 model and shown to significantly reduce network total cost of ownership (TCO) for 4G wireless networks.

4G Operators Can Gain a Clear Financial Advantage by Deploying Cloud-Based VoIP Delivery Solutions

New Windsor, NY – August 15, 2011 – Wireless 20/20, LLC (www.wireless2020.com), a leading broadband wireless advisory group and the developer of the industry-leading WiROI™ 4G Business Case Analysis Tool, today announced results of their study which concluded that offering value-added services such as VoIP has become critical for the monetization of 4G network investments. The research study shows that 4G wireless operators can significantly increase their ARPU and improve their ROI by offering Voice over IP (VoIP) as compared to offering data only services. The study further concludes that many operators could see an added improvement in their ROI by deploying cloud-based delivery solutions as compared to directly managing in-house VoIP platforms. The results of the analysis are published in a white paper titled “Maximizing Operator Value from VoIP Services.”

New York and Herndon - January 12, 2011 – CFN Services Wireless Jumpstart® adds Wireless 20/20 to its growing list of ecosystem providers that focus on wireless infrastructure ranging from site and network planning, acquisition, implementation, backhaul, to ongoing cost and performance optimization. Wireless Jumpstart® helps mobile operators construct an integrated solution utilizing the best-of-breed partners to ensure they have the optimal solution for today and are poised for future growth. By adding Wireless 20/20's business case analysis expertise, operators can build a bankable business case that will enable them to optimize their deployment plans and service offerings. This will in turn provide investors with the confidence they need to invest.

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